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Immediate strategies for how to respond to you child's resistant or withdrawn behavior, recommendations and/or resources that may benefit your child/family situation, determine if parent coaching is appropriate and next steps.(note: clients come to me because a) they are overwhelmed with services for their child, running to multiple appointments every week and are not finding success with them or b) child has been struggling for months/years but they do not want to go to therapy or are afraid to reach out to services because that means they are a bad parent or that there is something really wrong with their child. Either way, the biggest problem I have at getting parents to sign up for parent coaching is that they wait until there is a crisis or they are at a breaking point. My goal is to make parent coaching a normal accepted form of help that lowers doctor and therapy visits/or improves the therapeutic process. When kids understand why they are in therapy or have a choice to go, they get better results. Hello World, LLC empowers parents to raise confident kids and awakens family relationships through the No-problem Parent approach.


Initial Strategy Session (1.5 hrs)

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Hello World, LLC

20808 County Road 7
St Augusta, MN 55382
Hello World, LLC
(320) 267-0946
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